Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Voice, Already Over for Me?

Did anyone else watch The Voice Tuesday night?
Tim Mahoney was robbed!  I may be biased, as I live in Minnesota and saw him play all the time in college, but I really think he deserved to win over Casey (is that her name?).
She was good, but after re-listening to her audition song and her duet I don't think she knows who she is as an artist yet. She sounded like two different people. Maybe that's what they are looking for, someone to mold into what they want them to be. Not to mention her tight blue dress that made her look 27 and not 18. Is that the reason Adam picked her, sex appeal?  NBC did a great job showing her dad's reaction to her clothing choice.
Minneapolis had very high ratings for the show. I think I read the highest. I wonder if they will go down after this week?
Now on to my next complaint. Blake, picking Patrick over Tyler, really? Tyler was the much better singer and performer. There was some controversy over anti-gay remarks Shelton made on either Twitter or Facebook last week. Was that the reason or was it because Patrick and Blake are both country singers.  I read some articles this morning saying that country music artists don't go out of their genre and stick with their own.
All I know is that I am slowly losing interest in The Voice after last night. This coming from a girl who has stuck with Idol for 11 seasons.

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