Friday, May 20, 2011


Have you heard of it yet?
FINALLY! I AM A MEMBER!  I feel like I was FINALLY invited to the cool kid party.
I waited all week to get off the waiting list.
Yes, I was on a waiting list for a website.  So far its the best thing ever! Like I need something else to waste do with my naptime freedom. 
What is it you ask? A virtual pin board. Anything you find on the web that you like you can "pin it" and save it for a board. You can pin birthday presents, home decor ideas, recipes, kid ideas, quotes, anything you like.  Its amazing!  Click here to follow my boards.
If you want an invite send me your email in the comments section. I will send you out an invite promptly. The more people on pinterest the more fun it will be!  Tip I learned, write you email address like this - jane at email address dot com to avoid spammers.

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