Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Well its been quite some time since I've blogged, but I'm going to give it one more try.  The past couple years have been busy for my little family.  Lucy went to Kindergarten and is now in second grade! Nora who wasn't even born yet when I wrote my last post is in her last year of preschool.  My baby is going to Kindergarten! When did this happen?!

I spent 2016 working on myself. I wanted to remember what I was like before becoming a mom. I had lost myself. I wasn't happy.  I spent about a year after Nora was born battling post partum depression.  I got it under control pretty quickly, but I still wasn't myself.  I had gained more weight than I did while pregnant, I wasn't interested in fashion anymore, I didn't read, or watch my favorite TV shows.  While I didn't cry and get angry at the thought of spilled milk anymore, I still wasn't me.

2016, I made myself a priority, well as much as you can with two littles.  I lost fifty pounds, I got in touch with long lost friends, got out of the house at night, and got my love of fashion back.  I also started making new friends. The social part of me that was squashed when I became a stay at home mom has returned. I have made friends with people that I meet at coffee shops, bars, clothing boutiques, and at school.  It has been such a relief to have adult conversations with people who want to talk to me and not feel like they have to talk to me because they are family.

As for 2017, I want to continue working on me. Figuring out what I can do to make myself happy, because that is no one else's job except for mine.  Cheers to 2017!