Friday, April 15, 2011

On My Mind

  • When is the nausea going to go away?
  • Is spring ever going to come?
  • Is it November so I can drink a bottle of wine?
  • Why is potty training so hard?
  • Paul wasn't going to win Idol, but he should have stuck around longer than Haley and Stefano.
  • Why won't my two year old nap?
  • What is the point of low waisted maternity pants?
  • What is it with toddlers and their rain boots?
  • I love having great neighbors!
  • Coffee and shopping on gloomy days is perfect.
  • Why do kids get sick...not just colds but REALLY sick? It makes my heart hurt.
If anyone is interested in keeping up with baby Britta here is link to her caringbridge site Britta Kieger

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