Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Try Try Again

Yes it has been a couple days....but I have good reasons (yes reasons) for not posting.
1. My computer broke.
2. I miscarried.

Number two sounds way worse then what it is. I had only known I was pregnant for a week and a half. Not enough time to get used to it. The positive test came on Christmas Eve. A week later the bleeding started; just a little bit at first and today I swear I have bleed out an entire full grown placenta. But I am ok. Not many people knew, parents, family and a few close friends. That's all. I don't mind telling people about my miscarriage, but know that others can be uncomfortable and not know what to say. The most concerning thing has to be that both my mom and my dad told me to, "keep trying." Seriously I feel like next time we "do it" I'm going to be imagining my parents on the side of the bed yelling, "You can do it" "Lift those legs higher!" Gross, I know.

I had what doctors call a blighted ovum. Which means the egg was fertilized but for what whatever reason didn't grow into a baby. The placenta was developing and released hCG which caused the positive pregnancy test. Most blighted ovum's are due to chromosomal abnormality. Which means that my miscarriage was for the best and I am actually grateful that it happened when it did and now further along in my pregnancy.

This is me looking on the bright side. Trust me there was plenty of crying, asking God why, and thinking was there anything I could have done differently.

There is nothing left to do, but try, try again.

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